Are you overwhelmed with juggling family commitments while trying to build your business?...
Steal My 5 Steps System to the Most Powerful Income Producing Activities That Will Free Up Your Time and Help you Create a 6-Figure Empire in Just 60 Minutes a Day!
You’re about to discover my simple, tried-and-true "Power Hour" formula, which has allowed me to make multiple 6-figures while being a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids…
Do you own a home based business like me and struggle to find the time to actually build your business?

Take it from me... I get it.  When I started my Network Marketing business, I’ll be honest I was all over the place on trying to figure out what should I do first, second, third and so on.

Not to mention the crazy, busy Mom schedule that I get to live with ;-)

That’s right..
  • Schlepping the kids to and from school.
  • Soccer practice
  • Endless PTO meetings
  •  Countless errands
  •  Paying bills
  •  Pray I actually get dinner on the table
  • Listen to the kids fight on a daily bases...this is a fun one
This is just the tip of the iceberg =)

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE being a stay-at-home Mom, however, it can be tricky owning a home business if you don’t have a solid plan set in place.

Honestly, when I started my business, I thought it would be a walk in the park to actually work from home.  I was living in unorganized chaos and making calls,while running around like a “chicken with my head cut off” mode.

I thought my “Freedom” project within Network Marketing was going to allow me to kick back and start enjoying some actual free time.  Sound familiar?

I FINALLY said enough… and started to focus on designing out a system so I didn’t feel constantly frazzled on a daily basis.

I began to chunk up my time each day and focused in on building my business within 60 minutes instead of having no schedule and running by the seat of my pants..

Once I tested and found what worked, my business shifted and so did my freedom.  I was making more and working less.

I designed a schedule that works with my lifestyle in 5 Simple Steps, that’s it. Would you like that too? Would a like a more clear roadmap on what you should be focused on so you can eliminate all the distractions?

Ok.. I thought so!

This 60 Minute System helped me to grow my business to 6-Figures and beyond so I could say good bye to stress filled days and you can too.

I understand how you feel.  Let’s face it, we all have hopes and dreams but it’s crucial to incorporate time-management so building your business is fun and effective and not dreadful.

Read on to learn how 5 Steps can help you build your lifestyle too..
"5 Daily Steps to a Multiple 6-Figure Income"
This “power hour” as I like to call it, is one of the success secrets that’s gotten me where I am today (a multi-6 figure business owner, all while rocking as a mama too, so no excuses about time!) You can do this, trust me. Does it take some work? Hell yeah it does. Is it worth it? Absolutely!
  • Learn my tried and true formulas for how to execute your 60 minutes to perfection: Get to know the five pillars to a successful power hour and how they'll help you grow your business.
  • Get my THREE bonuses! Sign up now and get my power hour checklist, activity tracker, and special 20 social media post ideas so you can never say "I don't know what to post."
This is the best way I know to grow a business, and I know a little something about that! These are the very same methods I use to grow my income time and time again.
So what's included in my Power Hour?
My power hour is 5 steps that you can complete in just 60 minutes a day.

I start every morning off with this system and it's my secret behind my success.  Here is what's included...
Module 1: Personal Development
Who Do You Need To Be To Get The Life You Want?
We have been programmed to think, act, believe and talk to ourselves in a certain way that is habitual and subconsciously has programmed our mindset. When starting a Home Business and offering your products, services or opportunity you will come across many objections will stop you in your tracks. Fear might stand in your way, low confidence, doubt, etc. It’s absolutely crucial to strengthen your mindset muscle to succeed.

In this module, you'll learn how to...
  • Increase your confidence and strengthen your mindset muscle so you're ready for success
  • Steal my 15 minute formula to make the most out of your power hour
  • Learn what activities you should be doing during your power hour to set yourself up for success every day
Module 2: Be Seen! Create Content!
Create A Newsletter, Blog, Shoot Video or Connect with Your Audience
It all starts with your brand. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, I think we can agree that Social Media is where it’s at. Branding you vs. your Company, Products, Services and Opportunity is the key to your success. This is what’s going to set you apart from the rest. In other words, we all have something very unique to offer. We all have a voice to be heard and an impact to make. To create an unmistakable, aspirational, great MUST get visible.

Here you'll learn how to...
  • Lean my secrets to connect with your audience and turn heads and hearts your way.
  •  My three tips to turn heads and hearts your way, plus how to shoot a video for your social channel! --Remember, videos have a 1200% higher engagement rate making them critical to your business.
  • Get the best way to build your brand the right way...the first time.
  • Steal my step-by-step formula to shoot a short video for your social media channel.
Module 3: Outreach
Add Value And Connect With Individuals On Social Media
Social Media is HOT, HOT, HOT! I have built 80% of my business through Facebook primarily. There are billions of people on Facebook and there will be 2-3 billion more within the next 3 years. Think about how many people there are for you to talk to on social media and never say the words "I don't have anyone to talk to" ever again.

You'll learn EXACTLY how to...
  • Use the best methods to add value and connect with people on Social Media
  • Grab my Facebook Opportunity and Service Outreach Scripts so you know exactly what to say.
  • Start out right with the best ways to make the first connection with people on social media
Module 4: Reconnect
The Cha-Ching To Your Business
I love this saying! Because it's so true! Reconnecting with others is where the money is in your business. The main reason business owners drop the ball is because they don’t reconnect with their people. This wraps back around to fear! Fear of rejection, being told no or worse, facing the objection and then needing to overcome that with them. Statistics show that people typically don’t say “yes” until the 7th follow up.

Do you know the two things that you must have to be successful in Network Marketing? Learn these two skills, plus some of my favorite simple ways to reconnect, such as...
  • Figure out why I like to call reconnecting the "cha-ching" to your business.
  • Learn the two things you absolutely need to be successful when reconnecting with prospects.
  • Learn the simple ways I like to use to reconnect with people and what to say.
Module 5: Get Visible
Why and How You Should Post On Social Media
Do you know how many times you should be posting on social media a day? Or where you should be posting? How about what the best times to post are? Do you ever find yourself running out of ideas on what to post? Or do you find yourself captivated by the dreaded, time sucking hole that is your Facebook newsfeed?

Fear no more! In this module, you'll find the answers to...
  • Why and How to Post on Facebook.
  • Learn the two things you absolutely need to be successful when reconnecting with prospects.
  • Learn the simple ways I like to use to reconnect with people and what to say.
  • Sample post for you to replicate, plus my bonus 20 Social Media Post Ideas.
But Don't Forget The Bonuses!
When you purchase "5 Daily Steps to a Multiple 6-Figure Income" today, you also get my three amazing bonuses!
  • 1. Power Hour Check List - Keep track of your power hour and make sure you're completing each task every day for MAXIMUM results!
  • 2. Activity Tracker - This is my exact format for keeping track of my prospect and leads! Start using this and you'll never have another lead fall off your radar.
  • Special 20 Social Media Post Ideas - Never say "I don't know what to post" ever again! This special pdf gives you 20 ideas for what you can post on social media to get more engagement TODAY!
What Others Are Saying...
"Thank you so much for putting this course together and sharing your success. I've been swimming around in my business now for the last 4 months not knowing what to do or where to begin! You came along at the perfect time as I was just about to throw in the towel! I'm super excited to work alongside you through this course."
- Hayley H.

"I'm not sure how I found your website but I'm glad I did. I like the vibe of your website. I really enjoyed your 5 Daily Steps. Good content. Easy to follow."
- Natalie C.
"This is awesome! I can at times go into self-development overload where I am trying to take too much in at one time so I have to take a few steps back, slow down and take in what I am reading/listening to so I can implement! This breaks it down even more, love it!"
- Michelle L.
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