In today’s vlog my intention is to hand you a personal branding blueprint that I wish someone would have given me when starting out. It would have saved me a ton of time, frustration and all the extra calories from guzzlin the wine bottle. 😉

You know what I did instead? I blindly through shit at the wall to see what stuck. I hustled my fanny off and literally made mistake after mistake until I was crying over a carton of cookie dough ice cream. It took me exactly 2 years to come to the realization that I was created a ton of chaos that didn’t need to be. Yes, I created the 7- Figure business online but there was a cost to it… My sanity!

So yeah, I’m going to give you the goods so you can take a deep breath, de-stress and not drown your sorrows with a calorie overload.

…but before you take any steps, let me say this.

I built my personal brand from scratch—from nothing. When I started building an online brand, I started from scratch, meaning I opened a Business Page on FB to deliver content value and trainings to a new audience.

Then what?!

I started showing up, giving value, and just being me—real, raw, vulnerable, honest.

I made videos, blog posts, and other content worth seeing and sharing.

I didn’t worry about having small numbers at first, because I knew they’d explode over time.  In fact, my numbers have reached over 50,000 followers. Insane! How would you like to build your brand to reach that many people? It’s something I teach inside my Fan Page Maximizer.

My Point: You too can become an influencer in your space by taking the right steps and without overcomplicating your approach.

Step One: Find your freaking passion.

Step one is probably the most important. Without this one, everything else falls apart completely. Figure out what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and what you want to do to make a living.

For me, it was entrepreneurship. I had other passions, but entrepreneurship was the one that got me out of bed in the morning and drove me until I put my head down at night. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 22 years old, and knew it had to be the foundation my personal brand should be built on.

Decide on your passion before ever taking step two, which is…

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Step Two: Pick any platform, but not every platform.

I love building my business online. I love the idea of passive income. I was also learning a lot about online marketing and creating other income streams. I just needed the platform to share it on. Facebook was it.

There’s also Instagram, and YouTube, and LinkedIn, and Pinterest—the list goes on.

But do not try to do them all at first. I REPEAT, do not try to do them all.

Pick one platform, master it, and move on.

Step Three: Collaborate your way forward.

When I was just starting out, I went through a course of Ray Higdon’s—a webinar for starting a coaching business. I paid $50 for it and became a coach. The following month I did around $19,000 in sales.

But instead of counting that money, you know what I did? I messaged Ray, told him my story, and he mentioned me on his page.

A page with over 300,000 followers. 

That kind of exposure isn’t just valuable. It’s what can launch a personal brand into the stratosphere—in the blink of an eye.

Network, connect with people, share your story. Collaborate with other people who share your passion and have influence over the same audience you’re hungry to reach.  

Step Four: Build a website, then a list. 

First, websites. When I was starting out, building a website was expensive and felt impossible. In fact, I’m rebuilding an entire blog site using Kartra. It’s the most simplest and dynamic tool I’ve ever used.

Your website doesn’t have to be fully fleshed out on day one with 50 blog posts, videos, etc. Start with a single page.

Yes, JUST ONE. That’s all you need.

Use ClickFunnels, or GoDaddy, or WordPress, or Wix, or Squarespace.

Then tell the world who you are. Tell them (better yet, show them) what you offer. And compel them to action.

Secondly, use that site to build your email list. Don’t rely on social media to be the keeper of your followers. Create an opt-in offer on your website—it could be an eBook, or product, or tutorial, or a different resource. Make it SOMETHING OF VALUE. Something that has value WILL convert people.

Then, once a person buys in, you can communicate with them directly. This becomes pivotal when you…

Step Five: Launch your own products.

Admittedly, this is a little bit next-level—where you stop playing games and start getting serious. 

This is where you can really leverage your passion. If you’re like me and want to mentor entrepreneurs, a webinar or eBook makes sense. If your passion is Yoga, you can develop a video series of flow movements or create a store. If it’s cooking, develop a cookbook or kitchen gadget.

But before you do, TALK TO YOUR AUDIENCE.

Ask them what they wish existed. What would make their lives easier.

That information is gold—information researchers pay good money for. And you can get it for free, by generating content that wins people’s trust, then asking those people for their opinion.

Side Note: I actually offer Virtual VIP Intensives for women entrepreneurs need help gaining clarity around her brand story, messaging and a focused market launch strategy. Interested? Click here.

So… in conclusion.

Find your passion. Stay focused. Show up. Succeed.

Simple, right? Not quite, but if you follow these five steps, I promise you’ll start seeing progress.

And progress over time could lead to something very big. Like seven figures… or more. But you’ll never know unless you start.

Ready to take MASSIVE action towards your very own 7-figure brand?!


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