Uncertainty can kill your business.

Decide who you want to be and just go for it!

Be true to yourself and follow your arrow.

Look, if you are uncertain about things in your life or your business, it completely stops you from being successful. It holds you back, and you will live in this misery and confusion that you do not want to be in.

“When you say screw this F* it! I’m going for it anyway THAT is where the magic happens! TRUST ME!”


I did not start a business to grind myself to the bone and stress out!

I started my business to have fun, be free, help others along the way, and be successful.  I stopped being scared of the unknown and just jumped!

I searched within myself and revamped my business and my life, and I could not have made a better choice.

“Do not reject or avoid growth because of your uncertainty.”

I want to tell you to just STOP and go for it! It’s O.K to be scared, it’s O.K. to be nervous – take the plunge anyway! You will not regret it. Trust me, you will find happiness and you will be successful if you just go for what feels right.  

Once you know who you are, and you’re ready to leap into the unknown, being you is easy. What’s tricky is deciding WHO you are.

Ultimately you are the one who decides what kind of person you want to step out as.

  • A leader?
  • An Entrepreneur?
  • A bad ass mom?
  • A fitness queen?
  • All of the above?

Honestly the possibilities are endless, all you have to do is decide and go for it.

I have found that being as real and as true to your soul as you possibly can, is THE way to success.

“Time and time again I hear how real I am and how authentic I am. That’s how I know I’m doing something right.”

That’s how I know once you follow your arrow you’ll be in the right path too. When you are authentic you are believable, and when people believe you they want to work with you.

People will want what you have, to live the type of life you are living – they are going to get involved with you because of WHO YOU ARE.

Do you want to be known as trusting?


Do you want to be known as kind?


Do you want to be known as organized?


Do you want to be know as a health queen?

Then live that HEALTHY LIFE.

Practice what you preach. Embody this vision, be true to your gut and to yourself!  

What I’m trying to tell you is, you are the one who decides who you are. You have the power to create your destiny, so why not make it exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

Just go for it you Freedom Seeker!

Jump out there into the world, try something new, talk to a stranger, offer your services to those who you know need it – EMBRACE THE UNCERTAINTY! Decide who you are and be authentically you – you will succeed and it will be MAGIC.    

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are inspired today to do something UNCERTAIN!