I want to talk to you today about two really important things that we ALL experience in life and business…

Procrastination and perfectionism.

Let me just say something about both of these. These two, perfectionism and procrastination, are two of the most paralyzing, negative habits that people have.

I’ve suffered with both. And I still do!. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect, right? But here’s the thing, these two reinforce each other…


In today’s Freedom TV Episode, I’m going to give you 3 tips on how to get rid of procrastination & perfectionism.

Perfectionists are always procrastinators and procrastinators are always perfectionists.

Bam. Is that shocking? No. All individuals have perfectionism and procrastination in them. Even if it’s the smallest amount. Perfectionism represents the belief system about how life SHOULD work and not how life ACTUALLY works.

Fast Engagement = Confidence

“Fast engagement is how you build confidence. JUST DO IT.”

How long are you going to sit on your chicken list? Sometimes we pick up the phone and it feels like 5,000 pounds or sometimes we want to message somebody but we don’t want to come off spammy or we don’t know what to say. Listen to me, you speak to people how you want to be spoken to. End of story.

Procrastination insists on guarantees before taking action in a world that doesn’t provide a guarantee. You’’re always looking for the guarantee. GUARANTEES DON’T EXIST.

The world doesn’t provide the guarantee and then you continually end up feeling guilty over your stupidity of making certain decisions, and yet, you keep emotionally insisting on  guarantees.

Because of your obsession with perfectionism, you find it difficult to make a decision or a commitment unless you can be certain it will lead to an ideal result. Are you hearing me on this? Are you feeling me on this? Do you understand this?

Procrastination can come by judging ourselves for not being perfect. And perfection doesn’t exist!

So what do we do (or not do)  instead?

Tip #1: Do NOT Make a Long List of Actions

Focus on getting two to three of the most important actions done each given day. Never have a long list of items. Never. Two to three. If you can notch those off your belt and cross them off, you will feel accomplished.

What did I go back to? Fast engagement. So maybe for you, this looks like contacting five new people today and doing a Facebook live. These are action oriented. Please don’t hide behind your screen listening to another podcast or listening to another trainer or doing a module in the course. No, no, no, no, no. These are not action oriented.

Realize ahead of time that nothing’s going to be perfect. Everything I’ve ever done, courses, coaching, network marketing has been on the fly. I’m going to go as far as telling you that if you have an idea for a course, eBook, or training, you should sell it first.

“Build the plane as you fly.”

Tell somebody that and they’re sweating. “What? Sell it first? But I don’t even have anything to deliver.” Well, you shouldn’t. If you want to create a course, you sell it first. Then you create it. I know… for my perfectionists out there, I get it. When someone told me this after I already created this whole course I was like, “What? You sell it first then you create it?!”

Tip #2: When You Get Stuck Ask Yourself This Question…

Ask yourself, “Why am I still doing this? Why is this so important for me to succeed? Why is it important for me to hit my goal?” If you ask those questions and you’re still committed to the outcome, then identify what it is going to take to move  forward. So let me repeat that. If you’re stuck on a project or a task, ask yourself why you’re still doing it. And if you still feel committed, identify the fastest and easiest action to get you moving forward.

Why are you feeling stuck? If it comes down to, “I don’t know or should I do this or should I do that?” Shut it up. You’ll never know. Sometimes … I have thought, “Oh, this is going to be so great for my audience. Oh, they’re definitely going to want this.” And sometimes, it’s not what they wanted at all. So how do you know?

You have to ask your audience what they’re looking for and what they want.

Maybe it’s ripping the band aid off and reaching out to your chicken list. Or maybe it is taking a five minute break, getting up, getting some movement, going outside, getting some fresh air, going for a walk and just reinforcing to yourself that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

They might say “no,” but you know what? Screw it. I’m not their decision maker, they are. I’m going to do it anyways.

Tip #3: Do Everything Well Enough

You can’t do everything yourself, especially if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking to build a bigger business, you need help. Do everything well enough and then outsource the rest.

These 3 tips have really helped me in the entrepreneurial space. Perfectionism and procrastination play off of one another, and unless you put a stop to it now, they will always, always, always be there. They will always plague you. I don’t want that for you, and I don’t want that for your business.

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