The biggest game-changer in your life and business is not more prospecting, more organization, or more content.

It’s visualization.

While all of those things are important – they don’t compare to the power of visualization.


Having dreams is all fine and good – but unless there’s action behind those dreams, NOTHING is going to happen for you.

Where does that action start? Visualization.

Now, I’m no scientist, and I’m not going to get all woo on you, but there is some real data to back up the power of visualization.

Visualization’s Role In Your Success

We’ve all got a little something called the “reticular activating system” or RAS. Here’s a little breakdown:

Located at the base of your brain, your RAS acts as a filter and basically looks for evidence to confirm your beliefs.  It lets the stuff that aligns with your beliefs in and filters out anything that is OPPOSITE of what you believe.

Let me break this down for you…

Growing up, I struggled with self-esteem. SO, my RAS would bring in more of the negative things I believed about myself and filter out the praise, and positive attention I got. That continued to reinforce my beliefs, and then my RAS began to look for proof that I wasn’t good enough.

Visualization flips that all on its head. When you visualize what you want out of life – when you visualize who you want to become, you begin to rewire your RAS. Instead of looking for evidence of the negative – it looks for evidence of what you are visualizing.

Visualization helps you to filter through the constant noise and hone in on the things that are in complete alignment with what you are visualizing.

Bottom line: You have to visualize and focus on your goals every.single. day. so you can actually make them happen. You can literally rewire your brain for success with just a few minutes of visualization each day.

Let me walk you through three personal examples to show you the power of visualization, from my own life

My A-Team

When I first started my new company, I needed to hire A-list players; the leaders and progressors for my company….and I wanted to attract them to me. I thought long and hard on how having these people in my life and business would feel, what that would look like, and the details about what we would accomplish. I visualized this every day until I built up a team that’s like family to me. Because I was continually envisioning my A-list team, my brain began to tune in to the people around me who were IDEAL, which led to a kick-ass team that I am obsessed with.

The Keynote

I remember this like it was yesterday: I was at a company event with one of my girlfriends, listening to these extraordinary speakers take the stage. Right then and there I swore to myself that at the next event in January, I would speak on that stage. I said it out loud, yes, but I visualized exactly what I’d wear on stage, what I would talk about, the rush of emotions, the nervous excitement. I visualized every sense and emotion for weeks, and then in just a few week’s time, I got the call asking me to speak at the January event.

The Grand Prize

When I was just starting my brand-building company, I was asked to be a part of an affiliate marketing contest. Let me tell you, it was some of the hardest freaking internal work I’ve ever had to do. I came in late and up against way more experienced marketing gurus. In the two weeks of prepping and working hard, I had visualized the outcome of the contest. I woke up every morning and whole-heartedly believed I could win it. I envisioned what it would look like seeing my name come out as #1, what it would feel like, the messages I’d receive from my well-respected competitors. In 14 days, you better believe I crushed it and took home the grand prize.

So here’s the moral of the story:

Write down your goals. Physically pick up a pen and write them down. The second you wake up, I want you to spend 30 seconds to read your ultimate goal and visualize it Allow yourself to FEEL IT and SEE IT. Whether it be leaving your 9-5 job, not having to drop your kids off at daycare, finding financial success, or buying your dream beach house, you need to learn how to visualize every facet of your goal so you can achieve it.

Once you can see it – over and over again – your RAS will kick in and start looking for NEW evidence of this NEW belief. Before you know it, you will be living out the goal you set and enjoying every second of it.

*In the comments below – let me know what you are going to be visualizing every day – then be sure to update us when that thing actually HAPPENS….because it will!*