My #1 Tip for Turning Fans into Buyers

Girlfriend, you already know that I am all about working smarter instead of harder. Recently, I took a few minutes to share one of my favorite tips for turning fans into buyers (catch the video below!)

Let’s chat for a minute first. Are you planning on using Facebook Live and/or already implementing it to grow your business? If not, I honestly believe you are missing out on a massive opportunity to connect directly with your ideal client.

There is no need to be intimidated. I’m going to teach you to use Facebook Live so that it becomes second nature! And yes, it is absolutely, 100%, my #1 tip for turning your fans into devoted customers.

Remove the Anxiety

It can be super intimidating to consider putting yourself out there in the internet for everyone to see and to critique. Let me help you get rid of that anxiety once and for all:

1. Don’t get pretty, just show up

If you aren’t normally all glammed up, don’t bother with it for an FB live session. People want to see you, not some pretend dress-up version of you. Being there and being present is what matters most.

2. Practice first

Record a video and watch it back. See if you’re missing out on any potentially helpful elements. How does the background look? Do you need a prop or two, like a whiteboard for taking notes?

3. Start small

2 minutes. Maybe 3; that’s all you need to connect with that viewer! If you need to, take notes or put down bullet points on a Post-It before you go live.

4. Go live late at night

It may sound weird, but it lessens the probability of a large audience, and may help you adjust to the format. I’ve met some of my best clients doing late-night lives on FB!

Have Something to Say

Don’t just sit there; have a purpose for your presence. I suggest coming up with a story, an offer, or an ability to interact.

Here are some other suggestions:


  • Include a special offer
  • Cover a few tips or 1 very hot tip, then ask viewers to message you to get the others
  • Do a product demo
  • Host a giveaway
  • Schedule a group event
  • Run a “how-to” and teach the viewer

Now, check out the video above to learn more about the provocative way I want you to start your next FB live attempt. Remember, this is the FASTEST way I know to grow your audience and your brand while getting your message out there . . . for FREE!

If you take the leap, tag me in your live; I’d love to give you props. You’ve got this, babe!! And if you need a little inspo, I have over 300 Facebook Live videos saved on my Facebook Fan Page. Go check them out!

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