I always chuckle a little (just a little!) when people ask me how they can “build” authenticity on social media.

Here’s the thing…

Being “authentic” means being exactly who you are . . . right at this moment.

So, when I say that there are things you need to be doing on social media platforms like Facebook to grow your brand, I’m not telling you to change who you are. Never, ever, ever! Showcasing your product, your brand, or your business on platforms like Facebook just means SHOWING UP.

And THAT is how you grow your reputation as an authentic, genuine, awesome and awe-inspiring human being. When I say that I’ve got three crucial ways to grow your brand on Facebook, all of them have to do with your presence and your interactions. It’s really that simple.

#1: Post Every. Single. Day.

My first tip is to post every day, and that means weekends too. Your message cannot resonate with your audience if you aren’t out there reinforcing it! My clients often mention how much they learn about network marketing, social media management, etc., just from following me on Facebook.

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#2: Engage in a Community

Are you a writer? Join writing groups. Are you a mom? Join Mommy groups. I don’t say this because I want you to throw yourself into discussions and aggressively sell your stuff.

NO. Don’t do that!

Engaging online isn’t all about selling or promoting. By being present and contributing your expertise in groups of your peers, you are attracting customers. Let people discover you!

#3: Go Live on Facebook

I just talked about this at length in my last post, but girlfriend, I’m going to keep repeating it until I’m blue in the face.

Facebook Live is, hands down, the fastest method I’ve used for growing my brand.

On FB Live, your potential customer can see you, hear you, understand you and empathize with you. It is a personal and emotional connection. 

If going live intimidates the crap out of you, do it late at night or with another person. There are SO many ways to use it in ways that take the pressure off you, including interviews, product reviews, and many more. For other ways, check out my video above and grab this FREE guide, The Social Accelerator to give you an insiders view to building your business and brand using Social Media.

Bonus Tip!

All right; those are my big three tips on utilizing Facebook to grow your brand, but I also have one more bonus tip, just for you. If posting on social media is still way outside of your comfort zone, you don’t have to attempt it alone. I’m here for you.

All right, enough about me; I want to hear about everything you’re doing with Facebook and the results you’re seeing! Shoot me a note or join SFI to tell me how you’re growing, girl.

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