Hi, friends! I get asked many questions about what it is that I actually do. The truth is that you can’t really put me into a box, and I bet that’s true of so many of you. We live in the Internet Age, and we are upskilling as fast as we can. I am a network marketer! I’m also an Online Business Owner and a Mentor. I like to call myself a jack of all trades.

“That must keep you pretty busy, Julie!”

Yes, and no. I can wear this many hats because I’ve A) been doing it a long time and B) have created multiple passive revenue streams to keep my customers learning and benefitting. Passive = not in need of your immediate and constant oversight. You create, you place the content into a funnel, and off it goes to contribute to the empire you are working so hard to build.

“I want to do that, too!”

Not only will I teach you how to do that (duh!) I will also help you to skip over the hurdles I hit HARD and learned from. Hop on The Freedom Designer train, where there are no speed bumps! Just smooth roads ahead.

What the Heck is a Funnel?

It’s the journey taken by your customer, from the first moment they hear your name to the moment they click “purchase.” Neil Patel explains it really well. The closer clients get to buying, the smaller the group, hence the “funnel” imagery. 

If you’re considering building a funnel, you are likely ready to take this next step . . . but you don’t know how to actually create a course. It seems super daunting, but it’s NOT. I swear! You just have to figure out the education that your client will benefit from. If you’re a personal trainer, you might be considering the development of a healthy meal plan or a 30-minute ultimate ab workout. If you are a vegan pastry chef, you’re going to be teaching folks how to substitute vegan ingredients and still make delicious cupcakes. Or whatever! It can be super quick.

Pre-Sell the Idea . . . then SELL

Chat about your module or training concept in your online groups. Keep building interest and you will be stunned when you actually put this baby on the market!
Now, it’s time to create. Write it out, or record it on video, transcribe it, and get it onto a funnel management service. My favorite one right now is Kartra as it’s an all in one platform. If you’re selling the course, keep it under $97 dollars. A small training would usually go for $27 or $37, something like that.
And there you have it! You, my friend, have created a channel of passive income through automation. Without your assistance, anyone can check out the course, purchase, and get started. The options are totally endless and I recommend it to EVERYONE!!

If you are ready to build your empire, it is GO TIME. Click here to join the Passive Profit Creator!

If you are ready to build your empire, it is go time.

Take Your Business to the Next Level without Having to Spend even more Time Working.

I’m talking about generating leads and income while you’re sleeping, TRAVELING, playing with your children and doing whatever else it is that makes you smile…

Sounds AMAZING right???

Click here to join the Passive Profit Creator!