Hi, my lovely friends! I hope your holidays were wonderful, but I can’t say I’m not excited to get back to what I love doing the most:

Kicking ass and teaching you to do the same!!

You know, as a longtime network marketer and entrepreneur who has built several businesses from the ground up, it would be verrry easy to get cocky about everything I’ve built. But I know better! I have been blessed with incredible mentors and experts. They’ve paved the path for me, and now I want to do the same thing FOR YOU.

That’s why today we are talking about the marvelous Frank Kern and Intent-Based Branding.

If you’ve never heard of Frank or his method, I’ve got you, babe! Intent-Based Branding can be broken down into 3 central pillars:

  1. Create Content with Intention
  2. Build Goodwill
  3. Make a Simple Offer
Doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? It’s all about knowing who you’re talking to, packaging up the stuff that’s going to help them grow, and then doing some quick and casual selling at the end to keep them learning. That’s it!
Look, it really doesn’t make a difference if you’re a self-help coach, a personal trainer, or if you’re selling jewelry through an MLM. No matter what you’ve chosen to do for a living, we are all doing the exact same thing: We. Are. Selling. All day long, we’re pitching and making offers. You’re selling when you get your kids dressed in the morning. Convincing your husband to take out the trash. Notice I didn’t really mention the products or merchandise you’ve got put away. That’s because you are actually selling YOURSELF.

When you resonate with people, they will approach you and make a sale. No need for you to come for them! The 3 pillars of Intent-Based Branding will get you there in a jif; just follow these three steps. I learned it from Frank, and now I’m passing it on. Oh, and if you have trouble coming up with daily content (because you know it’s good for you and for the algorithm!) then I have your solution.

Social Content Formula is a FREE guide — brand new — and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever put together. If you need a break from coming up with ideas all the time, you need to pick this up today. All right, y’all, I hope that motivates you to keep killing it online. I believe in you!!

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