In today’s episode of Freedom TV, I share with you the 3 Questions I ask every prospect and consumer to move them towards the business.

Honestly, I’ve found these three questions that I’m going to be sharing with you to be super effective, simple, noninvasive, and very easy to ask in order to move your prospect towards saying “yes.”

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First let’s talk about the fact that…

You’re having this conversation in the first place, let’s just face it, it’s easier to talk about the product over the opportunity. Most people are more comfortable with talking about products.

For me, I like talking business.I’ve been in business for many years. I’ve been a traditional business owner, so I can also talk to other traditional business owners who are completely burnt out.

The conversation about the opportunity gives people another option, and then they get to make the decision. It’s not up to us. It’s up to them. But you HAVE to give them the information. 

When I’m talking to someone about a product based business and they seem hesitant, I just ask them these simple questions.

Question #1: Are you happy?

Are you happy? These 3 words can be so powerful because you shift the entire conversation onto them. And let me tell you, most people are unhappy.

I know this is going to be shocking, but most people are unhappy.

Even if they seem happy. Because they… you know, post all the highlights of their life on social media and everything online looks 100% on point. Especially if you’re on Instagram (which is probably why I can’t stand that platform).

“There are people sitting in quiet desperation in their current situation, how can you help them?”

But here’s the thing, unless you ask them the question, you’re not going to know. You’re not going to be able to have that conversation with them. That is question number one. I think most times I’ve asked this question, they have said, “No,” or they have said, “Well sort of.” You guys, “sort of” is not a yes. So then you move the conversation into question number two.

Question #2: Do you have a plan to change that?

They likely haven’t come to terms with the fact they aren’t happy. This conversation might be the first time they have realized OR the first time they are admitting it. Because the answer to question one is most likely going to be “no,” so next, you can ask them question number two. Do you have a plan to change that? Again, The answer to this second question is likely going to be a “no” as well, which leads us to question three…

Question #3: Would you like to see one?

That’s it. These are the 3 questions that will move people from being closed off to then opening up like your best friend. The key is to listen when you ask these questions and then follow up to their response with… “Tell me more about that.” 

People just want to feel love. They want to feel heard, and it’s highly likely they’re not feeling heard and they’re not feeling loved in their current work situation.

“When you pay attention to people and offer them an opprotunity to be heard, they’re going to remember you.”

Do you understand this? They’re going to remember you! So, number one, “Are you happy?” Yes or no? Are you happy with working in that nine to five? This is all part of the discovery phase. If you’re working with prospects, you have to discover their underlying thoughts and feelings. You have to know who you’re talking to and why you’re even having the conversation.

What Happens After they Say “YES” to learning more?

When they say “Yes,” then you go and send them the video or … ATM them. I’m sure you have  heard of the ATM system, that’s what we use. So then you go and put them in the group or send them a link to your video. You’re not just spamming links!

It’s not about getting another sale. So take the surface level conversation deeper and legit ask somebody if they are happy with what they’re doing. “Are you happy in working your 9-5?” Are you happy with having to drop your children off at daycare? Are you happy with having to work weekends? Are you happy in your current situation right now?” If the answer is “no,” then show them the plan!

I hope you found this to be valuable. Go out and put this into action. I can’t wait to hear what happens for you.  

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