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Bob Heilig
Bob Heilig Network Marketing Coach

Working with Julie has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself, both in life and business. She's helped me find the much-needed clarity and focus that I've been missing for years. Through applying what we've worked on together, I've finally got the kind of traction and momentum that will continue to carry me forward for the rest of my career. She is the biggest inspiration to me and I'm beyond grateful for her mentorship!

Rebecca Karner
Rebecca Karner Network Marketing Professional

Julie has been wonderful to work with!  I love how she supports you while getting you into action to move in the right direction.  When I first started coaching with her, I wasn't sure which direction I should be going and I only had 50 likes on my fan page.  Julie encouraged me each week on our calls and helped me push through some challenges and fears.  I'm now doing Facebook live videos 5 to 6 times a week and have over 600 likes/leads on my Fan page within weeks! My FB Likes Ad we created together is converting at 0.15 which is incredible. I learned that having a mentor while investing in your personal development is priceless.  If you want to move forward in your business, you should definitely work with Julie.

Heather Glaze
Heather Glaze Founder of Inspire to Wellness

I first heard Julie speak at an event and was so impressed with her moxie, presentation skills and her ability to explain the topics in an easy to learn manner that I hired her immediately as my Business Coach!  I've learned you follow the people who are successful!!!  Julie is so energetic, you can't help but love her!!!  She is very knowledgeable, she knows her stuff, she's compassionate and understanding.  She helped me look at situations from different perspectives and gave me great advice.  I would highly recommend her and am extremely happy to have worked with her and continue to be apart of her community.

Paula M. Network Marketing Professional

Before working with Julie, I was frustrated and feeling stuck in my business, not earning the kind of money I wanted to make and was constantly overwhelmed and exhausted.  Julie helped me so much with all of this and now I am more intentional and focused in where I put my efforts and as a result have made significant progress and am finally on the road to having a thriving business.  I highly recommend that you hire Julie--she will definitely help you make what you want to happen a reality.

Michelle Reinhardt
Michelle Reinhardt Life Coach

It's rare that you find someone as driven, motivated, and hard-working as Julie. No vision is too grand and she truly believes anyone can achieve their highest potential through a solid work ethic and the mindset to never give up. Having Julie as a mentor has made a huge difference in my business and my life and I'm so blessed to know her. She truly inspires me!

Jessica Jahn
Jessica Jahn Network Marketing Professional

I started my journey in NM as a side gig for extra income. Within 4 months I exceeded my salary as a teacher so I decided to go all in with the opportunity and was able to retire and stay home with our 4 children- It's been a true blessing from and I have an amazing mentor Julie Burke to thank for always believing in me and pushing me to be the best version of me! She showed me how to push myself out of my comfort zone and face my fears. This has helped me grow as a leader. I will be forever grateful!

Sayle Little
Sayle Little Network Marketing Professional

First and foremost, Julie is one cool chick. I love her attitude and her fun personality. I started my journey with Julie so that I could get out of my own way and strengthen my mindset. She made me realize by putting myself out there, it would create curiosity and in turn it was self development.

Julie is not only inspiration but empowering. She taught me to share feeling and to dig deep within and be vulnerable. I was always afraid to show that side of me but she taught me a great lesson and it's that people join for you and they need to see all sides and that you are a real person. She impacted my business because she showed me a way I never knew existed and broke it down thoroughly so it was duplicatable. She customizes her coaching program to fit your exact needs. I truly feel like she has impacted my business going forward and I am forever grateful I worked with her.

Rebecca Miller Ciocca
Rebecca Miller Ciocca Network Marketing Professional

I started working with Julie with the intention of growing my network marketing team. But throughout our time together, I gained clarity about what I really wanted... and that was to start my own marketing consulting and coaching business centered around e-courses. I never, and I mean NEVER, would have felt like I could do this had I not had Julie as my coach. She helped me to narrow my focus and get the wheels in motion. I came out of our 6 week coaching relationship with actionable strategies to implement, and I could not be more grateful.

Annie McCarthy
Annie McCarthy Marketing Cosultant and Coach

Julie's guidance and support has given me the courage to host my own Wellness Wednesday and this is what helped me rank advance! Your "60 Minutes a Day to a 6 Figure Empire" program is awesome!! It helped me with social media knowledge too! You have made it possible for me to believe I can quit my job in 2 years.

Chelsea Dinner
Chelsea Dinner Network Marketing Professional

Thank you so much for your amazing training!  You are truly a rising star and I look forward to an ongoing business relationship!  You information was useful, simple to grasp, to the point and exactly what my leadership team needed.  Thank you once again!!

Frank Schoen
Frank Schoen Senior Marketing Director, WFG

Julie has a very special way of unlocking the dream that it inside of people, shining light on the path before them, and guiding them to success. Her approach is simple, straight forward, and efficient. She leads in the spirit of how she can help others live their best life, and helps people do just that, it's magical.

Lisa Koch
Lisa Koch Founder AFreedomProject.org

As a busy stay-at-home Mom of 3 young kids and also working on my Network Marketing business, it wasn't until I met with Julie that I fully believed in myself and felt confident in my roadmap to success. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but Julie's passion to help others coupled with her savvy business sense inspired me to exceed my goals. As an expert in her field, she is an excellent go-to person for practical advise on how to take your business to the next level. After following her daily action steps, I found my business to grow both effectively and exponentially. If you're looking to expand a successful business, there's no one like Julie to have in your back pocket.

Courtenay Zurenko
Courtenay Zurenko Network Marketing Professional

With Julie in my corner as my mentor, I know that my journey to a 6-figure and then 7-figure income is within grasp. She has amassed so much experience and success in such a short time by being laser-focused and on-point. Her advice is very simple and easy to follow, making the roadmap to my goals attainable. I am planning on replacing my current salary within 18 months and retiring all together from my current profession within 2 years.

Vince Logan
Vince Logan Network Marketing Professional
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