Sharing the PASTOR Method that I learned from Ray Edwards who is the Author of “How to Write Copy That Sells.”

Hi, friend. I’m going to get a little personal today, but it’s all in the name of creating COPY that SELLS. The problem with copywriting is that people really don’t take it seriously enough.

You aren’t taking it seriously enough, and I can prove it.

I’ve been there. And I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have been there, too.

Women who are exhausted. Overworked. Overwhelmed.

They don’t think they have a story to tell, and they don’t think they could tell it well even if they tried.

What does this lead to? Trying to sell a company or a brand without letting people know who you are, when really, you should be selling YOURSELF.

Consumers are familiar with marketing and real estate agencies! They recognize Lularoe, Rodan + Fields, and Stella & Dot. But they don’t know YOU, and they sure as heck aren’t going to buy from you if they don’t know why they should bother.

Let’s say a lovely woman comes to me and says, “Hey, Julie, I sell this amazing skincare product — but so do 3,000 other women, and I am having trouble standing out of the crowd.” I’m going to tell her what I’m telling you now: She shouldn’t be selling the skincare. She needs to be selling herself.  She needs to learn how to write copy that sells…And if she markets herself and her story correctly the sales are gonna come rolling in.

She won’t have enough time to keep up with them!

The Turning Point for Powerful Copy

I’ve seen this transformation more times than I can count. It is the realization that the items being sold comes in second to the story selling it. Are you following me?

If you’ve got crickets coming from social media it is because you aren’t telling enough stories and you aren’t connecting.

Here’s what I tell my clients to do. They must answer the following three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your brand story?
  3. Who are you trying to attract?

If the answers don’t come easily, that’s OK. This is the work that I do . . . to open you up, get you vulnerable, and get you telling stories that connect directly to someone’s heart and soul. The good news is that it is never too late to start this work. I’m here to help! Drop me a line right here so we can have a conversation about why your business isn’t connecting to the customer, and we will get you moving in the right direction.

The PASTOR Method for Writing Copy

Thought we were done? Nope. Not even close. This blog post is also a demonstration of the PASTOR Method, which I use  every time I write copy and learned from the best… Ray Edwards. If you haven’t read his book, it’s a must. 

You can check it out right here. It’s what I have all my students read, as well as a few others.

Here’s the high level version of what P.A.S.T.O.R. stands for:

  • “P” is for the Person, the Problem, and the Pain 

Talk directly to your audience and give them an example of an issue they are dealing with, and how it affects them.

  • “A” is for Amplify or Agitate 

Describe this issue, put a name to it, and dig in deep.

  • “S” stands for Story or Solution

How are you going to solve the problem? Why are you the one with the answers?

  • “T” is for Transformation and Testimonial 

Talk about someone else (or yourself) facing this same issue, and how you/they came out the other side.

  • “O” is for Offer

This is the sales pitch, so that people know they can fix this problem too (with your help).

  • “R” is for Response

It’s not enough to tell folks that an offer exists. Now you have to write copy and lead them to taking action, i.e. “click on the link” or “sign up and I’ll respond.”

Here’s what I will leave you with:

If you are doing social media, or writing newsletters, or going live JUST TO DO IT, then you are wasting your time.

Comment below and tell me how you’d like to improve your copywriting skills!

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